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The Westside Sketch Co. Get Healthy

Oh no! You'd think these Angelenos would know that there would be a lot of cars on the road and left themselves enough time to get to the Westside Comedy Theater for another night of original sketch comedy! But they blew it. Max hasn't even left from Highland Park yet. That's far. But not nearly as far as Carrie, who is in like Oxnard. Greg is pretty close, but, well, you know Greg. Alonya and Sam are still trudging through southern sand and who knows when they will arrive. Atul got here super early but realized he left an important prop at home and is heading back to the east side now, so all bets are off there. Patrick is already at the theater physically, but mentally he won't get there until like 8:25. Jen decided to drive from West 4th and Jane, which is two blocks away, but Apple Maps has her going over Mulholland. Andrew says he has the "mid-city blues" and may not make it, but he probably will. And Erin is en route via a Jump bike, a bird scooter, rollerblades and six walking blocks.

Fingers crossed they make it:

Erin Coleman, Max Crandall, Alonya Eisenberg, Andrew Heder, Carrie Long, Sam Mark, Jennifer Murray, Greg Santos, Atul Singh, and Patrick Tamisiea

Directed by Cole Stratton

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